Welcome to our state-of-the-art water jet cutting equipment.

Water Jet CuttingDue to its versatility and ease of operation, water jet cutting has revolutionised the glass and glazing industry's capabilities, especially in Norwich.

It has given Contract Glass the capability to handle complex and intricate glass cutting contracts, and quickly move from job to job.

We can undertake virtually any finished shape required and cut to bespoke designs, or mass production.

Working to its maximum capacity, our water jet cutting machine can turn around well over 100 intricate glass pieces per day.

It can produce EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY without ever inducing heat-affected zones of mechanical stresses in glass: the process has eliminated the need for costly secondary finishing.

Computer Controlled

Water Jet CuttingWater jet cutting is accomplished by SOFTWARE CONTROLLED ROBOTIC NOTION systems to facilitate an infinite variety of shape cutting.

The immediate effect has been the abandoning of a need for costly hand-tool changes during a complex cutting process.


The water jet cuts with EROSION: water is pumped – at a pressure of 60,000 psi – continuously into a supersonic water jet stream, making it possible to cut through composites such as stone and thick glass.

Bespoke Designs

Water Jet CuttingThe machinery imports DXF files and CAD drawings from clients.

It is capable of mass production – even with intricate cutting patterns.

Contract Glass's craftsmen are able to undertake strikingly effective, one-off cutting projects for complex interior designs or one-off manufactured units.

No template design would be too complicated for the Water Jet Cutting system to undertake.

Water Jet Cutting