Special Bespoke Glass Processing

Within our large, (26,000 sq. feet) special bespoke glass processing factory in Norwich, we have the craftsmen, in-plant and capabilities to cut and process a vast range and thickness of processed, laminated, toughened and safety glass, (from 2mm to 25mm thickness).

Massive investment in the latest technology and processing equipment has seen CNC, state-of-the-art production machinery installed to meet an ever-increasing market demand.

Through our own substantial capital investment, Contract Glass have now created the resources to undertake even more capacity as the nation's new build and refurbishment programme gains increasing momentum.

In-plant resources and equipment includes:

  • Bevaloni Straight Line Beveller – CNC controlled.
  • Bevalini Bohon Straight Line Edges. – CNC controlled.
  • Bevalini Toughened Glass Processor and Hot Air Oven System.
  • Intermac CNC Cutting and Drilling workstation.
  • Robotic Motion Water Jet Cutting Systems.
    The machinery imports clients' DXF files and CAD drawings. We now have the capacity to cut, shape and supply to clients mass production toughened glass units and glass facades for assembly into manufactured products.
  • Bespoke design cutting, polishing and shaping machinery.
  • Computer-controlled, overhead hydraulic lifting systems.
  • Computer-controlled, factory order processing through to dispatch.

Safety Glass

Within our 26,000 sq.ft. production floor every facet of the work environment is controlled by rigorous Health & Safety disciplines.

Restricted area access is essential, but the management of Contract Glass would be happy to take any potential new client on a demonstration walkabout, subject to wearing hard-hats and appropriate clothing.

Our company is strictly compliant with all GGF production and processing Health & Safety regulations.

Glass Edge Finishes

All of the Edge Finishes can be highly polished, or left as an unpolished, fine ground edge which offers a light grey colour finish. The latter creates a different look and the two finishes can be combined on certain glass products for a desired effect.

Processed Glass

Processed GlassBevaloni Straight Line Beveller Machine (shown CNC controlled)

This machine bevels the edge of glass. Mainly used for mirrors, door glass and table tops, it gives a decorative edge to glass products.

Processed GlassBevalini Bohom Straight Line Edger machine

This machine polishes glass edges. Mainly used for mirrors, glass doors, shelves etc. It gives a clean and highly polished finished edge.

Processed Glass Processed Glass