What's cooking in the kitchen design division of Contract Glass?

Heat Resistant | Easy to Clean | Flexible Designs | Choice of Colours | Hygienic | Non-Porous | Impervious to wear

We've introduced a revolutionary concept - glass kitchen worktops and work surfaces.

Colour-coated glass has added a new dimension to contemporary kitchen surfaces and it has excited both the domestic and commercial marketplaces.

Hotel owners and restaurateurs can see the hygiene and durability qualities of a glass-topped work surface: they can also see its stunning aesthetic value.

Glass does not harbour germs or bacteria: it is non-porous.

Interior designers, architects and fitted kitchen designers and suppliers have all been quick to appreciate the merits of this innovative product range.

The surface is waterproof and outlasts most other material finishes.

A glass worktop in the kitchen is an avant-garde concept awaiting your discovery.

One piece glass worktops can be supplied to a maximum size 3200mm x 2000mm. The glass is 19mm thickness.

Glassact - For contemporary coloured glass kitchen worktops

GlassactResearch with designers and architects has clearly identified Contract Glass have raised the bar in contemporary kitchen design standards.

GLASSACT is now ready to revolutionise the domestic market concept of a colourful, contemporary kitchen.

We have the technology to design, drill, cut, shape and colour a glass worktop: we can now create a cook's dream kitchen using coloured glass.

GLASSACT is the brand name of our bespoke worktop and splashback designs in coloured glass.

Click on our Colourway navigation point and you will see the striking range of colours we can use to create a revolutionary kitchen design.

No colour will fade or lose its reflective appeal. GLASSACT is hygienic, durable, easy to clean and tough. It's also easy to design and shape a kitchen worktop using our state-of-the-art Water Jet cutting CNC machinery. Cut-outs for sinks, hobs, holes and rounded corners are easily accommodated.

Worktops are made in low iron content clear glass and the colour is bonded according to a customer’s requirements.

You can integrate colourful glass worktops and splashbacks with wood, steel, aluminium, stoneware, slate and granite.

The edges are profiled mainly in Flat and Arris form, but we can create additional profiles to suit a specific design need.

Drainage grooves can be built into the glass surface design adjacent to a sink and we are currently adding stainless steel, stone and wood surfaces into our coloured glass worktops for chopping boards and hot pan stands.

Click here for colourways

COLOUR MATCHING; GLASSACT have a standard colour chart of 20 colourways but we can spectrum analyse and create colour hues to match clients' samples.

Multi-Functional Usage

A new dimension in kitchen design worktops and splashbacks will awaken the creative spirit in everyone: glass is innovative, exciting and eye-catching.

However, GLASSACT'S bespoke worktop and splashback designs have an even wider spectrum of applications, including:

Decorative Panels and screen Backdrops for shops, stores and food outlets

  • Bar Tops
  • Restaurant Surfaces
  • Hotel Receptions
  • Workstations
  • Boardroom Tables
  • Headboards for Beds
  • Contemporary Furniture
  • Display Mounts
  • Display Shelves & Surfaces
  • Shower Splashbacks
  • Wetroom Walls
  • Bathroom Design & Splashbacks
  • Wall Partitions
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