Glass has been an essential part of people’s lives even before the Romans invaded Britain.

Glassact is a successful East Anglian family-owned business that cannot profess to trace our roots back to the time when Boudica was terrorising Roman garrisons near Colchester, but our reputation stretches beyond the Essex garrison town and down into London and M25 corridor in the south, and up to Scotland in the north.

Since the company's inception in 1990, we have been able to attribute our success to massive capital investment in state-of-the-art processing equipment which has made us fiercely competitive.

Satisfying the needs of trade, commercial and private markets has only been achieved by offering value-for-money products with quality assurances.

We always strive to deliver exactly what a customer wants and deliver on time.

Managing Director, Tony Towler, has over thirty years’ experience in the glass and glazing industry and is proud of the company’s achievements in its short, seventeen year history.

"We do offer quality and exceptional good value as a result of the company's in-plant investments. However, what sets us apart is GLASSACT and our bespoke architectural glazing operation. Contract Glass's facilities and craftsmens' skill-sets make us a credit to the Glass and Glazing Federation," Tony enthused.