Frequently Asked Questions

Not surprisingly, many home-owners, interior designers and corporate clients have a number of pertinent questions to ask about our product range and services.

In order to try and answer those questions that are frequently asked, our FAQ section has been constructed.

We hope it will be of assistance in pre-empting some of the questions you might ask.
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GLASSACT Worktops, Splashbacks, Wall Panels


Q. Are GLASSACT's Colourways on the website an accurate reflection of the coloured glass you supply?

We advise every client, Contract Glass have loaded our Colourway Sections on this website to provide a colour guide indication of the range of coloured-glass available from GLASSACT.

It is as accurate as we can create on the internet, but NOT an exact match to every variation of colour we supply.

GLASSACT can supply a sample section to an enquirer planning to place an order online.

Remember, overhead and built-in lighting can also affect the colour tone of coloured glass worktops and splashbacks.

Each colourway has a distinguished colour hue which will add to the aesthetics of your new kitchen or bathroom design.

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Q. Do you install GLASSACT kitchen worktops, splashbacks and glass wall cladding?

All our GLASSACT orders are specialist, one-off commissions for homes, offices, hotels, bars and boardroom interiors.

Contract Glass's craftsmen will undertake site surveys and prepare detailed quotations for every individual customer as well as provide Colourway glass samples.

We also provide a comprehensive design, construction, delivery and installation service so that every completed GLASSACT commission can be undertaken as a full turnkey contract, if desired.

From receipt of an order, and an initial deposit, we will undertake the colouring, cutting and installation of your state-of-the-art new kitchen glass worktops or bathroom splashbacks.

Rest assured, GLASSACT's craftsmen can design and build a new kitchen or bathroom installation that will create the WOW factor overnight.

You have nothing to worry about over installation – let our craftsmen handle everything except cooking your partner's next meal!

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Q. Will the colour glass scratch and wear?

Toughened coloured glass worktops and splashbacks have been constructed for use in domestic kitchens as well as hotels, restaurants and fast food eateries.

They are tough, hard-wearing, resilient, hygienic and durable: coloured glass is a joy to behold, and easy to clean and maintain.

Colours will never fade and surfaces remain robust and intact, even in an extremely busy kitchen.

The glass is heat resistant and can easily withstand temperature fluctuations normally associated around a food preparation and cooking area.

What's more, there is no grouting required in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Q. Is a glass worktop dangerous to children?

GLASSACT’s fitted kitchen worktops, splashbacks and wall panels are mainly made of toughened safety glass which conforms with all EU building regulations.

Surfaces and edges are all smooth, ground and pristine, creating no danger to children, parents or the elderly. There are no sharp or obtrusive edges to any of our designs.

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Q. How long would it take from an initial site survey to design, construct and install my new kitchen worktops?

We operate an extremely busy and computer controlled production environment. Work programmes are planned in advance according to customers' requirements. However, it would be wise to envisage our GLASSACT design, construction and installation service being completed within a period of a 15 day turnaround.

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Bespoke Glass Furniture & Architectural Glass

Q. Can I really commission a glass bed and headboard?

You most certainly can and our unique glass Colourways will give your bedroom a stylish, romantic colour hue that no furniture can ever create.

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Q. Do Contract Glass build reception areas in glass?

Indeed we do and we work very closely with interior designers and architects when planning hotel interiors, bars, restaurants and corporate boardroom concepts which add the WOW factor to any successful organisation.

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Q. Can Contract Glass construct wall panels, screens or window areas with engraved images?

We have been commissioned to produce office reception points and public areas with screens and room dividers reflecting corporate logos, copy messages, signs and illustrations: they are proving extremely popular with modern office designs and inside traditional architectural interiors.

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Q. Do you restrict your architectural project work to commissions only undertaken in East Anglia?

You will regularly see Contract Glass's distinguished green and red logo on delivery vehicles travelling into London, and heading across Lincolnshire towards the A1 and the north. We do NOT restrict our operations solely to East Anglia: our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities make Contract Glass extremely price competitive with both trade and home-owner enquiries from across the country.

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Q. How big are the projects you undertake?

Size is not a constraint with Contract Glass. Architectural Glazing projects can vary enormously in size and specifications.

Simply complete a website Enquiry Form and provide us with an outline proposal and measurements aligned to the project. We will advise if it is within our resources and capabilities.

Expert estimators at Contract Glass invariably produce a price-competitive proposal which impresses an architect or corporate business client.

Glass sheet sizes: maximum 3200 x 1600mm or 2950 x 2200mm.

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