Custom built bespoke glass structures

If the customer wants to commission a one-off or series of special furniture or interior room finishes in glass, you have come to the right supplier.

Contract Glass have been undertaking custom-built bespoke glass structure commisions since we installed our CNC inplant and added state-of-the-art Water Jet Cutting technology inside the Barker Street factory in Norwich.

Today we're proud to be able to accept bespoke enquiries and orders for:

  • Toughened glass furniture and display cabinets.
  • Glass bedheads and beds.
  • Large, mirrored surfaces to walls and ceilings.
  • Glass stairs in offices, shops and home interiors.
  • Glass walkways.
  • Toughened glass floors and ceilings.
  • Glass balustrades designed and installed at whatever height you require.
  • Doors, partitions and wall cladding effects.
  • Bespoke glass panels, canopies, and entrances.
  • Glass railings and banisters.

Working closely with architects, interior designers, individual home-owners and corporate clients we can fulfil dreams and aspirations using all the relevant glazing materials, and conform with all the relevant building regulations.

Corporate logos or images can be sand blasted into glass surfaces or panels.

If it can be constructed in glass, it can be supplied by Contract Glass.

Custom Built Bespoke Project