Through the developments in modern, toughened glazing techniques, glass is now used extensively in the construction industry.

Architects, surveyors, building specifiers, project managers and building tradespeople all commission Contract Glass to produce a wide range of bespoke products for individual building projects and architectural glass designs.

Every product commissioned conforms with - and is compliant with - all relevant Building Standards and Regulations.

Toughened glass is also widely used in building facades and exterior surfaces to create a feeling of open space and let in natural light.

Today heavy duty, toughened windows and wall panels can be installed with minimum framing to blend in alongside classical and contemporary architectural features and brickwork.

Contract Glass's designers and craftsmen work closely with architects, corporate clients and local authorities to achieve award-winning designs and finishes.

Major architectural glazing projects include:

  • Wall Cladding
  • Doors
  • Stairs (Acid blasting or other treatments ensure stairs aren't slippery)
  • Entrances, Porches and Canopies
  • Floors (A new dimension in contemporary interiors)
  • Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Large Vista Glass Panels & Openings

Integration with brick, wood, steel or wrought iron adds a new design dimension to any interior.

Architectural Glass Projects

NorwichArchitect: Andy Gibbs, Norwich

Brief: Fill opening to first floor with glass, creating architectural form using glass fins as mullions to support and strengthen large glass sheets blending into brickwork.

Ground Floor:

Brief: Fill opening completely in glass with arched top showing no framework and also seamlessly blending into brickwork

SheringhamSheringhamArchitect: Keith Ray, Sheringham

Brief: Form glass infill between roof and walls showing no framework. Also, create door and glass wall for entrance opening.

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